KGL Rescue Cards

KGL Rescue Card Scheme

Schools with a minimum of 20 entries for the KGL Contest can now take advantage of the Rescue Card scheme.

Rescue Cards can be used by schools where they feel a contestant may not have performed to their true ability in Stage 1 or where the contestant’s individual circumstances may have influenced their performance. The Rescue Card can only be used for contestants who participated in Stage 1 and received a result.


A school has the option of using one Rescue Card for every 20 entries.  A Rescue Card provides an opportunity to a contestant who did not manage to qualify for Stage 2 in the usual way (based on their ranking in Stage 1)  to progress to the next stage of the contest. 


The school selects a contestant and uses the Rescue Card in order for that contestant to progress to Stage 2.  It should be noted a Rescue Card can only be made available for every 20 entries per school as shown below.


Allocation of Rescue Cards

 *A school with 39 entries would be eligible for 1 rescue card. 40 entries are required for 2 Rescue Cards etc.



Rescue Cards must be used within 4 days following the results of Stage 1. Schools should provide their KGL

Country Partner with the contestants’ details within 4 days of the issue of results.  It is not possible to change

the name of Rescued Card holders after submission.

(Rescue Card contestants participate in the same manner as all other participants in Stage 2).