KGL Contest - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The KGL Contest

Students up to the age of 17 who are learning English as a foreign language  can participate in the KGL contest.  Your teacher will also advise you on the best level to enter for.  (Please note the contest is not open to native speakers of English or to students who are already certified for their chosen level).
If you would like to enter the contest and are already attending a language centre for English contact your teacher and ask to enter through your school.
No, there is no fee for Stage 2 and successful contestants are registered free of charge.
If your school wishes to participate and there is currently no suitable venue please contact the KGL country partner to discuss the possibility of creating additional venues.
Your teacher knows your level and will enter you for the level you are currently at.  Don’t try to prepare specifically for the contest as you already know what is needed.  The contest only requires you to complete tasks which you already do in class or tasks you are familiar with. You can also assess your level by using our online practice test at Online practice tests
Your teacher will advise you which level is the most appropriate for you but remember that it is important to enter for the level which you are currently at and meet the entry requirements for the level. you can also use our Online Practice Tests to assess your level.
No, the lowest level you can enter for is your current level.
Yes, you can enter for a level higher but remember to talk to your teacher about this before you make your final decision.
Online practice tests are available during the registration period at the following link -Online practice tests .

On the Day of the Contest

Please arrive at the test venue 30 minutes before the start of the test.  You will need to bring a ballpoint pen (preferably black) but no correction fluid.  Do not forget to bring identification as this is necessary for you to take the test. Stage 1 of the contest is a multiple choice test and last for 60 minutes (45 minutes Pre_A1 ) and all your answers are completed on one answer sheet. Remember this is a contest and all participants receive a certificate so just enjoy the experience and try to progress to Stage 2 for more prizes and rewards.
Stage 1 consists of a multiple choice test and reading passages followed by multiple choice questions.  All questions have three or four answer options (A, B, C or D). Participants fill in their answers on the answer sheet. Stage 2 is also a multiple choice test and reading passages followed by multiple choice questions.  All questions have three or four answer options (A, B, C or D). There will also be a listening and writing component to the test. All participants in Stage 2 are asked to complete one writing task. The writing task is only used  to identify the best performing contestants in cases of equal scoring and high performance by contestants. All other writing tasks are not assessed and no result is reported. You have 1 hr 20 minutes to complete the test (Pre_A1 60 minutes).
The completed tests from all countries are sent to ITA  for correction. Answer Sheets  are marked electronically and it is important that you complete all answers sheets correctly.  You will be given full instructions on the day.

After the Contest

Results of Stage 1 are available one month after the contest. Winners  of Stage 2  are announced approximately one month following the administration of Stage 2. No additional results are issued for Stage 2
Results of Stage 1 are available from the KGL partner in your country. The KGL country partner will inform schools and contestants and may make the results of Stage 1 available on the local KGL web site. The names of winners of Stage 2 will be available from the local KGL country partner approximately one month following the administration of Stage 2. Analytical results are not issued for Stage 2.  
Only one finalist at each level is invited to represent their country at the  Global Event. In the case of equal scoring of finalists, the youngest contestant is awarded the place and second place is awarded to the runner up.

Certificates and Prizes

A certificate with your overall score is dispatched approximately two weeks following the announcement of results of stage 1   Stage 2 participants receive an additional Certificate following Stage 2 of the contest.
Certificates are issued based on the information provided on the entry form. It is important that the correct information appears on the entry form. Requests to reissue certificates incurs an administration cost.
There are numerous prize winners in the KGL contest. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners per level are awarded. Contestants who have shown very high performance overall also receive commendation awards. Additionally, all Stage 1 contestants receive Certificates based on their overall performance  and contestant progressing to Stage 2 receive Certificates of Achievement. Finalists and teachers participate in the Global Event where 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners at each level are selected and the overall Global Winner in announced.
The number of national finalists attending the Global Event is determined by the county KGL Partner and is related to the overall number of entries in each country.  Each country can send one finalist per level (up to 4 finalists in total) at levels A1, A2, B1, B2. The Global Event is held in Europe each year.  Travel and accommodation costs for selected finalists and their teacher or school representative is covered by the contest. 2nd and 3rd place contestants also receive prizes.
The Global Winner event is where the finalists from different countries share three days of events (excursions, cultural events etc.). Accommodation for the Global Event is based on shared accommodation and includes breakfast and dinner. During the event all finalists take a test including a written task. Prizes are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place contestants at each of the levels (A1, A2, B1, B2) based on overall performance in the Global Event test. Additionally, the finalist with the highest overall score (irrespective of level) is the KGL Global Winner for that year and receives the Global Winner Award. (see: Global Event for prizes)

More Information

Please do not hesitate to Contact Us or your local KGL country partner