Updated Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations of the KGL Contest English Olympiad

By registering for the contest, candidates, parents/guardians and schools confirm their agreement to these guidelines which aim to ensure a fair contest for all participants. Candidates should not register if they cannot meet these requirements.

  1. Eligibility and Entry Conditions

1.1. All contestants entering the KGL Contest English Olympiad must comply with the following rules. Parents and guardians, by allowing their children to participate, are considered to have accepted these rules.

1.2. The contest is open to participants up to the age of 17 who are learning English as a foreign language. Native speakers and participants already certified at their intended level are not eligible to take part. International schools, where the primary medium of instruction is English, are not eligible to participate in the contest.

  1. Eligibility Based on Current Level

2.1. Candidates must register for the contest based on their current English level, NOT their age. Age limits serve as guidelines, accommodating diverse learning environments and paces around the world and do not indicate eligibility for a particular level.

2.2. Candidates should select the level that aligns with their current proficiency, and we strongly recommend using the KGL online Practice Tests for accurate self-assessment.

  1. No Duplicate Entries

3.1. Candidates are strictly prohibited from attempting to register for the same level more than once or for a level lower than that of a previous contest. Such attempts will result in automatic disqualification.

  1. A1 Senior

4.1. In countries where A1 Senior is offered, candidates cannot participate in both A1 and A1 Senior at any time and must select the level for which they are eligible.

4.2. A1 Senior candidates must meet the established requirements for the A1 Senior level in order to participate in A1 Senior.

  1. Declaration of Status

5.1. Schools with contestants whose status from previous participation is “unknown” should request a written declaration of their true status from the contestant.

5.2. By submitting this declaration, the contestant accepts responsibility for any false statements made and avoids the school being associated with a disqualified candidate. This signed declaration must be submitted to the KGL Country Partner.

  1. Consistency of Competing Level

6.1. Contestants compete at the level they have entered for in all stages of the contest, and their level remains unchanged throughout their participation.

  1. Automated Checks

7.1. Effective as of October 2023, the KGL Contest English Olympiad implements extensive automated checks, supported by advanced AI technology, during all stages of the contest.

7.2. These checks include the verification of contestants’ levels to ensure they are competing at the appropriate level. First place contestants following Stage 2 must complete an online verification level test. This online verification test will be monitored by ITA-KGL.

7.3. Candidates deemed to be at a level not aligned with their true proficiency, following the verification test, will not be eligible for the Global Event, and the next best candidate will undergo the same verification procedure.

  1. The Contest

8.1. Entries should be submitted as per the procedures outlined by each KGL Country Partner.

8.2. Late entries will not be accepted.

8.3. Stage 1 contestants’ answer sheets are electronically marked, and no additional feedback on marks awarded is available.

8.4. Requests for individual contestant performance reports are available for a 35€ administration charge. Such requests must be made through your KGL Country Partner.

8.5. The writing task is marked, by trained assessors, only in cases of tied scores and high performers.

8.6. Contestants’ written tasks will be assessed to ensure alignment with the level. Performance across all sections, including the written task, must correspond to the level they have entered for. Candidates written scripts which are deemed not to meet this important requirement are not awarded a mark.

8.7. Stage 1 results are available approximately one month after the test, and Stage 2 rankings are announced approximately one month following Stage 2. No analytical scores are available for Stage 2 and candidates are awarded a Certificate of Achievement.

8.8. In the event of tied scores, the youngest candidate will be awarded the place. This applies to stage 2 and the Global Event Final Test.

  1. Publication and Amendments

9.1. By entering the contest, entrants and/or their parents/guardian, permit the publication of winners’ names and any relevant photographs of award ceremonies.

9.2. KGL reserves the right to cancel or amend the KGL contest at any time without prior notice. In the event of cancellation, any fees paid to us will be reimbursed via your KGL Country Partner.

  1. Global Event

10.1. Qualifying contestants and accompanying individuals must confirm their intention to attend the Global Event by the  May 2024 deadline. The deadline for confirming travel arrangements(and receipt of visa where applicable) is 02 September 2024 at 12:00 GMT.

10.2. Contestants requiring a visa must ensure it is issued by the 02 September deadline to participate in the Global Event.

10.3. The Global Event list is finalised on September 2, 2024, at 14:00 GMT. No changes or additions are possible thereafter.

10.4. Students are accommodated in shared rooms based on sex, age, and English proficiency, while teachers are provided with shared twin rooms. Breakfast and dinner are provided.

10.5. Only teachers, school representatives, and KGL Country Partners may accompany finalists. If a third party accompanies contestants, the contestant forfeits the right to participate in the Final Test at the Global Event.

10.6. Schools with fewer than 10 entries in total for Stage 1 of the contest do not qualify for participation in the Global Event, even if they have a finalist in Stage 2.

10.7. There is no Pre-A1 Global Event category, and Pre-A1 finalists receive local prizes.

10.8. Monetary prizes for Global Winners will be sent to the KGL Country Partner within 20 days of the Global Finals.

  1. Decisions of ITA-KGL

11.1. Candidates who do not meet the contest rules will face disqualification at any stage of the competition. Disqualified candidates will be able to view their disqualification status on our website at www.kglcontest.org where a list of disqualified candidates will appear.

11.2. KGL’s decisions on all matters related to the competition are final. No correspondence will be entered into regarding judgment, administration, organization, or eligibility assessment.